Current Horses

Details of current horses in training as at 14 January 2019.

We are very keen on working with trainers as a part of their working up-phase or as a part of maintaining their/your racehorses at race condition.

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Adieu Flirt

Stable Name: Sonia
Age: 2014 5yo Brown Mare
Breeding: Courage Under Fire – Ella Sue
Owners: G R Bond, L J Green, M L Green, Miss L C Olsson
Stats: 41 Starts 4 Wins 8 Seconds & 4 Thirds $65,296 to date
Form: 37123520
Best Time: 2.57.9 (MR: 1.59.3) 1st 2400m Mob Nelson 07/06/2019.
Best Placed Time: 1.56.5 4th 1609 Mob Auckland 21/12/2018.
Comment: In fine form will continue to race through the winter.


Anastasia Ashley

Stable Name: Lucky
Age: 2015 4yo Bay Mare
Breeding: Lucky Chucky – Meander In The Sun
Owners: JH & W S Abernethy
Comment: Resumed work early May.


Bill Haley

Stable Name: Bill
Age: 2014 5yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Rock N Roll Heaven – Elite Belle
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy, J Talbot

NZ Stats: 32 Starts 4 Wins 0 Seconds 5 Thirds $36,958

Aussie Stats: 6 Starts 4 wins 0 seconds & 0 thirds $38,046 to date
Form: X411811
Best Time: 2.32.2 (MR: 1.54.5)1st 2138m Mob Redcliff 20/07/2019.
Best Place Time: 2.41.6 (MR: 1.58.2) 3rd 2200m Mob Auckland 18/01/2019.
Comment: Has got back to back 4yo wins in Brisbane, Is on the market to USA so is unlikely to race again down under.


Brooks Belle

Stable Name: Kathy
Age: 2014 5yo Bay Mare
Breeding: Monkey Bones - Jinxed Belle
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy, Breakout Syndicate
Stats: 28 Starts 1 Win 2 Seconds 3 Thirds $17,708 to date
Form: 60005070023
Best Time: 2.54.2 (MR: 2.12.2)(T) 1st 2120 std Kapiti Coast 02/02/2018.
Best Place Time: MR: 2.49.4 (MR: 2.03.9) (T) 3rd 2200m Mob Auckland 08/02/2019.
Comment: Back in work after a 4 month break.


Caroline Wozniacki

Stable Name: Lizzy
Age: 2014 5yo Bay Mare
Breeding: Majestic Sun – Meander In The Sun
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy, Breakout Syndicate
Stats: 39 Starts 3 Wins 4 Seconds 4 Thirds $28,224 to date
Form: 365761487
Best Time: 2.56.7 (MR: 2.09.2) (T) 1st 2200m Std WaikBOP 01/7/2018.
Best Place Time MR:
Comment: Racing below her best at present will race on through the winter before going in foal later on the season.



Stable Name: Richard
Age: 2011 8yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Pegasus Spur – Strapless
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy, Breakout Syndicate, Mrs P A Dunell
Stats: 74 Starts 5 Win 11 Seconds 12 Thirds $63,185 to date
Form: 3670(11)6
Best Time: 2.52.8 (MR: 2.06.4) (T) 1st 2200m Mob Auckland 30/11/2018.
Best Place Time MR: 2.51.5 (MR: 2.05.4) (T) 2nd 2200m Mob Auckland 08/12/2018.
Comment: Racing below his best after a fantastic season he will stick to the monte trots for the time been.


Lionel Messi

Stable Name: Sam
Age: 2016 3yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Rock N Roll Heaven – Elite Belle
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy
Comment: Qualified 15/6/19 back in work nearly ready the workouts again.

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Stable Name: Adam
Age: 2012 7yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Love You – Little Floozie Suzy
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy
Stats: 32 Starts 2 Wins 0 Seconds & 1 Thirds $15,885 to date
Form: X657900779881458000D60
Best Time: 2.56.1 (MR: 2.08.8) (T) 1st 2200m Std WaikBOP 17/05/2018.
Best Placed Time: 2.55.6 (MR: 2.08.4) (T) 3rd 2200m Std WaikBOP 25/04/2018.
Comment: Is having some time off.


Maria Kirilenko

Stable Name: Kay
Age: 2015 4yo Bay Mare
Breeding: Sportswritter – Kay N Kayes
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy, E P Phelan

Stats: 13 Starts 1 Wins 2 Seconds & 3 Thirds $12,130 to date
Form: 073983402312

Best Time: No Best Time Available Yet.
Best Placed Time: No Best Time Available Yet.

Comment: Back from a break will be ready to go again late Spring


Mac Paua

Stable Name: Mac
Age: 2015 4yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Mach Three – Ultimate Cullen
Owners: Merveber Ltd, J J Jones, T L Rodewald, Fatherless Anges Syndicate, Small Car World Ltd, I R F McKelvie, K F Neville, G J Hamilton, H Armstrong, G L Stewart.
Stats: 7 Starts 0 Win 0 Second 0 Thirds $1,670 to date
Form: 89600685
Best Time: 
Best Placed Time: 
Comment: Winning workouts yet to prove it on the track.

magestic one

Majestic One

Stable Name: 13
Age: 2010 9yo Brown Mare
Breeding: Love You – Little Floozie Suzy
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy
Stats: 86 Starts 14 Wins 7 Seconds & 5 Thirds $111,739 to date
Form: 10341152D948977717460
Best Time: 3.25.9 (MR: 2.02.7) (T) 1st 2700m Std Auckland 31/12/2018.
Best Placed Time: 2.00 (MR: 2.00) (T) 4th 1 Mile Mob Auckand 25/05/2018.
Comment: Will only have a few more starts before been retired to stud.


Melanie Adams

Stable Name: Laura
Age: 2016 3yo Bay Filly
Breeding: Majestic Son - Shezheadandshoulders
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy
Comment: Resumed early July from a long spell

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Mount Aspiring

Stable Name: Tony
Age: 2014 5yo Bay Gelding

Breeding: Monarchy – Aspiring Girl
Owners: W S Abernethy, Breakout Syndicate, J Fulton, A Thomson
Stats: 2 Starts 0 Wins 0 Seconds & 0 Thirds $300 to date
Form: D7
Best Time:  No Best Time
Best Placed Time: No Best Time

Comment: Broke both starts to date will look to race again 30th August.


Novak Djokovic

Stable Name: Ted
Age: 2016 3yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Rock N Roll Heaven – Kay N Kayes
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy, E P Phelan
Comment: Qualified 15/6/19 back in work nearly ready the workouts again.


Peter Forsberg

Stable Name: Pete
Age: 2015 4yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Well Said – Elite Belle
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy, J W Lindsay
Stats: 14 Starts 2 Win 0 Second 1 Thirds $14,605 to date
Form: 790831939560016
Best Time: 3.23.3 (MR: 205.8) 1st 2600m Mob Westport 26/12/2018.
Best Placed Time: 2.48.7 (MR: 2.03.3) 3rd 2200m Mob Auckland 15/12/2018.
Comment: Held up last start one to follow.


Play Footsie

Stable Name: Kara
Age: 2016 3yo Bay Filly
Breeding: The Best Madrik – Playmate Of The Year
Owners: Mrs C M Browne
Comment: Resumed work 11/3/19 will be aiming to trail her this time around


Sidney Crosby

Stable Name: Sunny
Age: 2016 3yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Majestic Sun – Jinxed Belle
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy, J W Lindsay
Comment: Resumed work early June with the hope to have him trialing in the new season.

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Sol Invictus

Stable Name: Sol
Age: 2008 11yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Sundon – Love Hate Revenge
Owners: J H & W S Abernethy
Stats: 102 Starts 11 Wins 16 Seconds 12 Thirds $122,753 to date
Form: 522423679
Best Time: 3.17.9 (MR: 2.02.4)(T) 1st 2600m Std NZ Metro 04/04/2014.
Best Place Time MR: 1.59.8 (T) 4th 1609m Mob Auckland 12/04/2019.
Comment: Racing well at present will continue to race while is going well.


Soney Beatt

Stable Name: Soney
Age: 2011 8yo Bay Gelding
Breeding: Sundon – Honey Beatt
Owners: K B Ford, Mrs A J Tomlinson, Miss L C Olsson
Stats: 99 Starts 9 Wins 8 Seconds 6 Thirds $74,568 to date
Form: 90008D
Best Time: 2.48.6 (MR: 2.05)(T) 1st 2170m Std Banks Pen 29/01/2017.
Best Place Time MR: 2.02.3 (MR:2.02.3)(T) 1 Mile Mob Ashburton 04/05/2014.
Comment: Joined the stable 28/3/19 racing below his best will target the monte races.


Tactful Reaction

Stable Name: Rooster
Age: 2015 4yo Bay Gelding

Breeding: Auckland Reactor – Tact Philly
Owners: W S Abernethy, Breakout Syndicate
Comment: Qualified 15/6/19 back in work nearly ready the workouts again.


Wishing Crystal

Stable Name: Crystal
Age: 2015 4yo Bay Mare
Breeding: Wishing Stone – Bon Ton Cherie
Owners: J H Abernethy, W S Abernethy A Thompson K Thompson, Breakout Syndicate
Comment: Qualified 3/8/19 having a short break.