Horse Syndication

Join the thrills and excitement of Harness Racing by getting Shares or Lease a horse through Abernethy Racing Stables

Benefits of Purchasing a Share in a Horse?

No buyer wants to over pay for anything. On the other hand, no seller wants to be sold short, either. All any buyer or seller is looking for is fair market value. Here at Abernethy Racing Stables we give yearling owners the opportunity to sell their horses for what the market will bear, while at the same time offering buyers a comprehensive, transparent, cost-effective and informative purchase process. From the horse’s first days in harness, up to jogging and training at the farm, owners and prospective buyers are able to watch as the youngsters in training program learn, grow and work into shape for the racing season.

Abernethy Racing Stables gives buyers and investors the opportunity to make decisions about potential horse ownership, or allows owners to keep up to date on their yearling’s progress by reviewing pedigrees and videos, or reading updates from the trainers, veterinarians and blacksmiths as they give their assessments of our horses in training.

Feel free to come to Abernethy Racing Stables Training Centre to view our operation, or look around our website, watch the videos of our horses in action and leave your feedback. Or ask a question at the on the form below.

Each horse has an initial offering of 100 shares and under Abernethy Racing Stables unique single share purchase program, buyers can get into racehorse ownership starting at 1%, all the way up to 100 %. It’s your call.

  • Buy a share and experience the excitement of meeting new people and winning races!
  • For as little as $20 per 1% share you can have a share in your own horse.
  • The average cost of owning a 1% share in a horse, which is in full work, is $20 per month.
  • Shares are designed to suit your requirements from 1% to 100%, first in get to choose how much they would like.
  • Affordable monthly cost

Previous Horses Syndicated by Abernethy Racing Stables:

Kotare Casino, Wings Of An Angel, Jackpot Girl, Diana On Fire, Hot Wired, Young Cullen, Justa Rocket King, Take The Chance, Brookfield Talent, Imperial, Yankee Deal, Gotta Go Armbro, Gotta Go Justdoit, Lotta Bets & Anna De Gerostien, Meander With Pegasus, Silver Stream, Elliot Daniel. Macs Creation, Elle Classquie, Uroc Kate, Ashley Tisdale, Brooks Belle, Caroline Woznaiki,Dennis Lilee, Kate Jacksons, Sidney Crosby, Wishing Crystal, Mount Aspiring, Edamfast, Henrik Lundqvist, Onetangi Girl .

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